NBA Power Rankings Update: The Orlando Magic Are Making a Push

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Teams Ranked 30th to 21st

The bottom-four shuffles around a bit, while the Los Angeles Lakers continue their epic collapse.

RankingTeamRecordnERDLast RankingPlus/Minus
30Phoenix Suns17-5622.429-1
29Cleveland Cavaliers19-5322.8301
28New York Knicks14-5825.727-1
27Chicago Bulls21-5226.9281
26Atlanta Hawks25-4829.9260
25Memphis Grizzlies29-4243.0250
24Washington Wizards30-4343.5240
23Dallas Mavericks28-4444.3230
22Los Angeles Lakers31-4045.221-1
21Charlotte Hornets32-3946.420-1


The Cleveland Cavaliers have won two in a row, including one over our top-ranked team, the Milwaukee Bucks. It seems that's enough to get them out of dead last in our rankings -- at least for one week.

The Chicago Bulls have won two in a row as well, which has allowed them to move out of the way for the plummeting New York Knicks. Speaking of which...


The New York Knicks have the worst record in the NBA since February 28th at 1-10, as well as the worst net rating over that span at -13.1. Their ability to stay out of last place in our rankings each and every week is actually kind of impressive.

The Los Angeles Lakers are bottoming out in epic fashion. Not that long ago, they were a team with playoff aspirations. Now, they're 10.5 games back of eighth place in the Western Conference and on the brink of elimination on the heels of a brutal 1-9 stretch.