3 Fantasy Football Defensive Streaming Options for Week 13

Hey, it's your friendly neighborhood defense streaming specialist -- here again, giving you weekly streaming recommendations. A reminder: lines are courtesy of FanDuel Sportsbook, and roster percentages and scores are according to ESPN's fantasy platform. Assume that the listed order is the preferred order. I'll try for defenses on 40% or fewer of ESPN rosters.

Green Bay Packers

vs. Philadelphia Eagles
Roster Percentage: 47%

The 47% of rosters the Green Bay Packers find themselves on is well north of what I'm normally comfortable putting in this column. The good news is that the Lambeau Leapers were a streamer and a recommendation last week, so there's a decent chance that streamers already have them in tow. If you don't already have the Packers' D and they are available, you know what to do.

Carson Wentz is bad, and as someone who went all in on Miles Sanders in many leagues, I'm getting tired of talking about it. Suffice it to say every metric backs up what's obvious with the eye test: Wentz is one of the worst full-time starters in the league.

The line on this game is yet to be posted (possibly due to oddsmakers wanting to know if the Philadelphia Eagles may switch to Jalen Hurts), but Green Bay is likely to be a lopsided favorite.

Kansas City Chiefs

v.s Denver Broncos
Spread: Chiefs -13.5
Roster Percentage: 43%

Sorry for cheating a bit again this week. As the season goes on, more and more teams find their permanent defenses (it's not a strategy I recommend, but it does tend to happen), and it's tougher to find low-rostered D/STs. The upside is that there's less streaming competition, so if the Kansas City Chiefs are available, you can probably get them.

The Denver Broncos should have an actual quarterback under center this week, but don't expect things to get that much better for this offense. "Actual quarterback" is probably a bit generous for Drew Lock, who leads an offense that has allowed the second-most fantasy points per game to defenses.

Lock and Denver should see an negative game script Sunday night at KC, and it could get ugly for them, which is to say it will be quite pretty for those playing the Chiefs' defense.

Atlanta Falcons

vs. New Orleans Saints
Spread: Saints -3
Roster Percentage: 2%

With the first two selections being so borderline, I'll go as galaxy brain as possible with this pick. The Atlanta Falcons as underdogs undoubtedly qualify as galaxy brain. Things could go south quickly for the Dirty Birds. There's a chance the New Orleans Saints rarely have to throw and thus don't give the Falcons a chance to accumulate fantasy points.

The other situation is that the Falcons do build a lead and force someone who isn't really a quarterback to throw. In limited attempts this season, Taysom Hill has been sacked 13.6% of the time, and I don't see that improving. Again, he's not really a quarterback -- or at least has very little experience playing one in the NFL. We also saw Hill throw an unsightly interception last week, handing the quarterback-less Broncos their only points. Now imagine if a team could actually apply gamescript induced pressure to Hill. If the Falcons are able to do that, the reward could be huge.

I do feel the need to mention one other downside, and that is the chance that if Hill plays poorly enough it brings out Jameis Winston. Winston is a notorious interception thrower, but I still wouldn't want to stream against him with this supporting cast. But if Winston gets in the game, it'll likely mean that Hill has coughed up a few turnovers.

On a thin week for defensive streamers, the Falcons are worth a look.