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Daily Fantasy Football: Do Rookie Quarterbacks Improve Over the Course of the Season?

If rookie quarterbacks improve as the season progresses, this would seem to make them more attractive in daily fantasy football. Does that actually happen?

The popular narrative surrounding rookie quarterbacks is that they get better as the season progresses. This seems like a logical thought process -- after all, it would take time to adjust to playing in the NFL, so as your experience builds, why wouldn't your production build as well?

I've never had an issue with this line of thinking because the narrative is too logical to not hold true. I can't imagine additional exposure to NFL defenses would be a bad thing (outside of long-term health issues, ya know), so fantasy production should increase.

However, as we've stated about fifty 'leven times before, assumptions suck. Even though I have no reason to disbelieve this one, we might as well take a further look at all of this just to make sure we're not walking down the wrong path.

After looking at the data, I've come to the conclusion: I should just not make assumptions ever again. They're usually wrong, and this case is no different.

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