Colts "have not considered" benching Philip Rivers

Indianapolis Colts head coach Frank Reich told reporters that the team has not considered benching quarterback Philip Rivers.

What It Means:

Rivers' ability to hang in the league in his age-38 season was certainly up in the air following a disappointing 2019 season, and so far he has not done much to prove his doubters wrong. It's fair to wonder if (or even when) the team moves back to Jacoby Brissett, whose uninspiring 2019 numbers stack up decently against Rivers' current 2020 stats.

Rivers has more interceptions (5) than touchdowns (4) in 2020, while his 7.0 adjusted yards per attempt are his worst since 2005 and rank 22nd in the league. The Colts currently sit at 3-2, but that has mostly been despite Rivers' play and not because of it.