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I won my first bet at the tender age of 6 when the Rangers beat the Devils in the Eastern Conference Finals of the NHL Playoffs. Since then I have developed a habit of wagering on anything from NCAA, NFL, NHL, to Lithuanian Women's Superleague Basketball, Reality TV and casual bar room brawls. No wager is too good for my money. I use a numbers based approach to complement my understanding of sports, leagues, situations and players. I am a data driven person who relies on objective information to draw conclusions. Sometimes I would rather hedge than let it ride, sometimes I'll shoot from the hip. This concept lands me somewhere between sharp and square on the gambling spectrum. Armed with data, two pints and a campy sarcasm, I'm here to help turn money into slightly more money. You can find me in the gutters of #GamblingTwitter @4thlinesports!
Favorite Athletes

Ogie Oglethorpe, Doug Glatt

Favorite Teams

Edmonton Oilers

Bitter Rivals

Any mega franchise (Cowboys, Yankees, Barcelona, etc.)

Biggest Upset Ever

2007 Fiesta Bowl, 2013 FA Cup Final

Best NFL Team Ever

1978-79 Steelers

Lemieux or Gretzky?


Jordan or LeBron?


SNES or Genesis?

Super Nintendo

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