League of Legends Daily Fantasy Helper: LPL, 7/22/20

FanDuel is offering League of Legends daily fantasy, and look, if you don't know what that is, it's okay.

I have you covered with a detailed but straightforward primer to get you all set up, whether you're a DFS player looking to dig into the new sport or a League of Legends fan ready to take your action over to FanDuel.

Let's break down the LPL slate for Wednesday, July 22nd, and see who stands out (Just a heads up, the slate locks at 5:00 a.m. EST.). Here are the starting lineups for the LPL.

TeamMatch RecordMap RecordAverage Towers
Per Game
Average Dragons
Per Game
Rogue Warriors3-89-175.12.12
Team WE7-417-126.12.76
Bilibili Gaming4-611-145.12.20

Team WE are the clear best team on the slate and come in as the largest favorites, which should make them the most popular team. Rogue Warriors versus eStar has no favorite whatsoever but features two lower-tier teams.

Star - 1.5x Points

Jiumeng, Team WE ($10,300) is the most expensive player on the slate and on Team WE, who are the largest favorites. You can put two and two together and realize he should be very popular for the Star spot or at ADC. Team WE are good but not great team in the LPL and that leads to Jiumeng's production following suit.

Over his 11 series in the Summer Split, he has posted 78 FanDuel points or more eight times, with double-digit assists in all 11. The consistent assists give him a solid floor, and he's able to pick up more kills in wins, which allow him to reach for his ceiling -- a 106-point high this split. Overall, Jiumeng is a fantastic option for the Star spot since Team WE should win the series, allowing him to rack up fantasy points.


Holder, Rogue Warriors ($7,400) has looked great over his last three series, all of which Rogue Warriors have won. Posting fantasy points in a winning effort is nothing new in LoL DFS, but Holder is doing an exceptional job in the top lane, a lower-scoring position. Holder has 91, 75, and 74 FanDuel points in his last three series, with double-digit assists in all of those series -- including a staggering 35 assists against Dominus.

This has vaulted Holder up the leaderboards, now averaging the fifth-most (5.70) assists per game among LPL top-laners. A great salary and plenty of consistency is something you never want to pass on.


Wei, eStar ($8,000) comes in with the fourth-most (3.41) kills per game among junglers in the LPL, granting him a ceiling of points to reach for. He is showing that off in a big way recently, posting 12 kills or more in three of his last four series. The only other jungler on the slate who can match that is Haro ($7,900), who has posted 11 or more in three of his last four.

The issue for Wei comes from the fact he has the fourth-most (2.9) deaths per game, impacting his potential production. He's a bit of a volatile player, but that range of outcomes should be embraced in tournaments.


Teacherma, Team WE ($9,200) doesn't necessarily bring a ceiling, but he has a super consistent floor of points. In fact, he has scored 74 FanDuel points or more in 65% of his series this split and has scored 49 FanDuel points or more in 91% of his series. That's an amazing amount of consistency, but the ceiling is lacking.

He has posted 89 FanDuel points or more in only 18% of his series, but that shouldn't deter you from rostering him. Lock in the fantasy points for an expensive player and then look to take risks on cheaper ones.


ZWuji, Rogue Warriors ($9,300) is playing remarkably well considering Rogue Warriors have a record of 3-8. He comes in with 10 kills or more in three of his last five series and 18 assists or more in each of those three series, which gives him 74 FanDuel points or more in four of his last five.

Considering this series against eStar is a legit coin-flip with no favorite, look to ZWuji, who is putting up big numbers and is the second-cheapest ADC on the slate.


XinMo, Bilibili Gaming ($6,900) will be the cheapest player on the entire slate, yet he isn't a punt play. Bilibili Gaming (4-6) are a very average team, but they've managed to have one of the more consistent support players in the league. XinMo comes in with 40 FanDuel points or more in seven of his last eight series -- half of which were losses. You should know by now that taking a player who can produce fantasy points in a losing effort is valuable.


Rogue Warriors ($7,300) have 48 FanDuel points or more in three straight series, 18 towers taken in each of their last three, and 7 dragons or more in all three. Get the picture? They are looking strong right now, and with a winnable matchup against eStar in front of them, they can continue this streak.