Fantasy Baseball: Late-Round Targets at Each Position for 2017

Late in fantasy baseball drafts is the time to fill holes on your roster. Which players can help us do this once we get to the final few rounds?

It's late in the draft. You've got most of your team assembled in your pursuit of fantasy baseball glory, and you're ready to wipe the floor with your leaguemates. There's just one problem.

Not one solitary soul on your roster can play shortstop. Crap.

This isn't a bad strategy by any means. If the rest of the league is all set at that position, why wouldn't you wait until the last possible second to snag the dude you desire? In fact, we should be cool doing this at multiple positions as it prevents us from reaching for a guy who isn't worth the slot where he's going.

That doesn't lower the anxiety around having an empty roster spot, though, and this can lead to panic -- or, specifically, Joe Panik if you're empty at second base. We should have a list in our heads of players who are available late in drafts should we find ourselves punting at a position.

So which players are the best candidates for late-round investment in 2017? Let's try to sort through that today. We'll be focusing exclusively on players going 200th or later in ESPN's current average draft position (ADP) results. This means they should all be hanging around once the 17th round comes up in 12-team drafts, late enough to start trying to fill out our gaps.

Where can we turn when in need of a late-round plug? Let's check it out, starting with a position at which many will punt in catcher.