Fantasy Baseball: 5 Buy-Low Options for Season-Long Leagues

Kyle Seager is putting up career-worst numbers, but his batted-ball profile tells a completely different story. Which other players are good buy-low targets?

The All-Star Break gives fantasy owners a breather from the daily grind of checking starting lineups, surveying matchups and gazing at implied totals. That makes it the perfect time to unplug and relax.

Yeah, right.

If anything, now is the opportune time for fantasy owners to look at the big picture, properly evaluate their roster and send out some trades.

Despite the incredible growth of advanced stats in baseball, most fantasy leagues still put a lot of value in traditional statistics such as ERA, pitcher wins and batting average. As we know, those stats don't paint an accurate picture of how a player is truly performing.

Advanced metrics allow us to see through the box-score rubbish and find out what's really going on. This can be incredibly useful for fantasy purposes as those metrics can clue us in on who is playing better than their traditional numbers suggest or -- on the other hand -- whose success is a smoke-and-mirrors act.

Let's take a look at five players who, for varying reasons, are likely being undervalued in season-long leagues due to their underwhelming performance in traditional stat categories. Unless you're in a league with some whiz kids, there's a good chance you can get these players for less than they're actually worth, bolstering your team's chances in the second half.