Fantasy Baseball: 5 Pitchers Who Must Build Off a Strong Second Half

After a horrifying first half, Baltimore Orioles hurler Kevin Gausman turned his season around. Which other pitchers need to use a strong second half as a springboard toward 2018?

With 162 games played in about 180 days, MLB's regular season is a marathon, not a sprint. A fast start doesn't guarantee a career year and a slow start doesn't mean a player is going to consistently struggle. Sometimes, all it takes is one sequence of events for a player to completely turn things around.

The following five pitchers each had varying levels of expectations for the 2017 season, but they all have one thing in common: their year in the big leagues didn't exactly get off to a fast start. Luckily for them, they each used the All-Star break to take a breath, refocus, and at least somewhat change the perception of their season-long performance.

And for those fantasy baseball owners who weren't patient enough (and in some cases, rightfully so) to get rewarded with solid play, there were others who likely benefited from what ended up either being a savvy waiver-wire claim or a buy-low opportunity via trade.

Which pitchers are hoping the good vibes that come with a strong second half will follow them around all winter and tag along for the start of 2018?