Fantasy Baseball: 5 Pitchers to Stream in Week 15

It's now or never for embattled Royals lefty Danny Duffy, who draws a pair of lefty-friendly matchups in Week 15.

Week 15 might get weird.

It's possible that rest-related rotation changes on the eve of the All Star Break render some of the two-start recommendations here moot.

Plus, if you play in a weekly league that combines this week with the partial, post-All-Star Break schedule next week, this column will seem incomplete. Now, if you play in such a league with a strict line-up lock that doesn't allow changes after the All-Star Break -- man, that sounds like a fun league.

Sarcasm aside, we should be prepared for some kinky stuff over the next few scoring periods. So, of course, hit those waiver wires. These five starters are primed to help you finish the MLB first half with a bang. But if you do stream, know your settings, and stream carefully.