Which Bullpen Duos Are Best at Finishing Games?

Close games are won and lost with the 1-2 punch out of the bullpen. Which teams have the best duos?

The specialization of pitching has become essential in the game of baseball, especially with the back end of the bullpen. While a solid starting rotation is necessary to get through the majority of the game, a manager needs to have short-relievers to rely on at crunch time.

Closers tend to get all of the hype among relievers, especially since they get all of the money, but staffs need the bridge from the closer to the starter - their set-up men. The best bullpens are often reliant on the success of their back-end, otherwise they can’t finish off games.

One-run ball games can make or break a team's season, often playing a big role in who makes the playoffs. Let's take a look at which late-game combos can be trusted with the game on the line.