The 5 Highest-Scoring Daily Fantasy Baseball Offenses in 2015

At the All-Star break, these five offenses have been making DFS players all over the world smile with their consistently heavy outputs.

Has anyone else felt a giant void in their lives over the past few days? The home run derby and All-Star game are dope and all, but not having a full slate of MLB games to submerge yourself in just leaves you with an empty feeling, right?. Let's change that, mis amigos, and light up our research for the second half.

You all know how valuable it is to roster hitters who play for the top offenses in the game. Doing so allows you higher upside for runs scored and runs batted in on those days when the guys you select may not be in BABIP's good graces. But exactly which offenses are those?

To answer this question, I looked at the teams that scored the most DraftKings points per game prior to the All-Star break. If you aren't familiar with their scoring, the full rules are on the DraftKings MLB help page.

Obviously, if you want to optimize this, you should target offenses that excel against the handedness of the starting pitcher they are facing that day. This will be more of a general overview, though I will try to make note of teams that experience a significant discrepancy in their platoon success.

Without further ado, let's check out which offenses have been the best to target within daily fantasy baseball so far this season.