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Daily Fantasy Baseball: An Introduction to Using Vegas Lines

Factoring Vegas' lines into your daily fantasy baseball research can provide you with valuable information. Which totals are most important?

There are certain universal truths about all daily fantasy sports: injuries suck, opportunity trumps all, and Vegas is your best friend.

Because my only experience with injuries is breaking my collarbone after falling off of a slide (I was a graceful child), we're going to focus on that last aspect for today. Utilizing Vegas is advantageous in all daily fantasy sports, and baseball is no different.

What does differ here is that there are two separate areas you must consider. Not only are you looking to get exposure to offenses in high-scoring games, but you also want your pitchers in spots where they can succeed. Vegas tells a convincing tale in both arenas.

Let's go through both sides of this coin and how consuming the information that Vegas provides through its betting lines can make you a better daily fantasy sports player.

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