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Daily Fantasy Baseball: How to Handle Games at Coors Field

The atmosphere at Coors Field allows for plenty of daily fantasy goodness. How do we factor into this our DFS decision making?

There aren't a lot of cheat codes in the world of daily fantasy sports. You may have that rookie point guard who just broke into the starting lineup or the under-priced three-down running back, but even those are going to come with heavy ownership from your peers, limiting their upside.

Nothing quite compares to Coors Field.

For those of you just getting into baseball, Coors Field is where the Colorado Rockies play their ball. The thin air allows baseballs to fly through the air with ease, and the expansive outfield makes it a haven for doubles and triples.

The perks for daily fantasy baseball should be pretty obvious here. More extra-base hits lead to additional points for you, but they also lead to more runs scored and more RBI's, increasing the upsides of stacking. What's not to love?

That doesn't mean Coors is easy to navigate. The advantage at Coors is well known, and pricing generally increases significantly to represent the boost in value. We can still find ways to exploit it, though. Let's dive deeper into Coors to see which strategies we should deploy when trying to attack it.

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