The 10 Best Individual NBA Seasons Since 2000

Which players own the best of the best single-season performances in the NBA since 2000?

Today, we're lucky enough to be living in what many would call the golden era of NBA basketball. The league is thriving as it pertains to media coverage, TV money, advertising dollars and viewership. At the root of all this is one thing: extremely good talent.

Great, young talent has provided the league and its fans with a ridiculously entertaining product. On any given night, a player can go off for a historical performance (See: Thompson, Klay). At any given time, there's a player on a record-breaking pace. It's crazy.

This has been the landscape of the league for the past few years. We've had the opportunity to witness some of the best seasons in recent history. But, where do they rank among the best since our standards were established in 2000?

nERD -- our in-house metric that measures a player's total contribution throughout the course of a season, based on efficiency -- is that standard. It has taken the subjectivity out of the argument and created a top ten, from one to ten.

Without further ado, here's the list.