The 10 Best NBA Seasons by Teenagers

Which players have posted the best single-season numbers before reaching their 20th birthday?

In the 2015-16 season, we got a lot of good showings from fresh faces. From Devin Booker to Myles Turner and even Justise Winslow, there were quite a few youngsters making valuable contributions to their team. In fact, of the aforementioned trio, the elder statesman was Turner, at exactly 19 years, 7 months and 3 days old at the start of the season.

In recent years, it's very impressive what many young players have been able to accomplish before or during the last of their teenage years. One-and-done college players have been the likeliest of those turning in such seasons. But, even before the one-and-done rule, players were coming out early (even straight from high school) and playing at high levels.

Over the years, which teenagers have provided the most promising seasons?

It just so happens that the best 10 have come in the way of players' 19-year-old seasons. So, even if it's not a lot of experience, there is a certain level of seasoning that helps those youthful players thrive.

Who are they?

In order of their individual win shares per 48 minutes for that season, here are the top 10 seasons by NBA teenagers.