The 12 Best NBA All-Star Game Performers of All-Time

Which players have shined brightest among the NBA's best?

Often we criticize the NBA All-Star Game for lacking energy or defensive effort. For that reason, unless there's money involved, we really don't pay as much attention to who is named All-Star Game MVP.

But what if I were to tell you that, throughout the years, more times than not the best of the best have risen to the top? That, according to advanced stats, regardless of the circumstances and conjecture surrounding the game, many great players make up the 10 best performers in NBA history?

In exploring Real GM's historical NBA All-Star Game stats, that much is true. But who are the top, most efficient performers? Who are the top 12 players, or, in essence, the All-Time All-Star Game squad?

In order to find out, I sorted by those players with at least 96 minutes played -- the length of two full games -- so as to eliminate those players who might've had one good game or one out of just two appearances. I also looked at those players with at least 0.2 win shares (an estimate of the total number of wins a player produces) throughout their career as an NBA All-Star. What I ended up with was a list made up 47 of the best players to ever hit the NBA hardwood.

I then calculated each player's win shares per 48 minutes in order to account for the influence of minutes on overall win shares totals. In doing so, the 12 best, most efficient and most valuable All-Star Game players emerged.

Here they are.