The 10 Best States for Top NBA Talent

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10. Indiana

Win Shares: 538.6

The Hoosier state probably doesn't rank as high as expected, but it's at least on the list -- and Larry Bird has a lot to do with that. In 897 games, the Hall of Famer racked up 21,791 points and 145.8 win shares. He ended his career with three NBA championships and three MVP awards in 13 seasons.

Shawn Kemp and Zach Randolph are second and third among those players born in the state of Indiana. Across 14 seasons, Kemp accounted for 89.5 win shares, six All-Star appearances and three All-NBA teams.

As for Randolph, he has averaged 16.8 points and 9.3 rebounds in 31.4 minutes per night, which has amounted to 79.4 win shares in 15-plus seasons. In that same span, Z-Bo has two All-Star showings and the 2003-04 Most Improved Player award.