By the Numbers: Winners and Losers From the 2017 NBA Draft

Markelle Fultz looks like a huge W for the Philadelphia 76ers. Who else crushed the Draft...and who got crushed?

It was an eventful Thursday night in Brooklyn. Players were traded, picks were exchanged, selections were made, and rumors were flying.

Through it all, the night produced a boatload of winners. Dreams became reality for teenagers and college graduates alike, while NBA fans watched as their teams inched one step closer to relevance or competing for an NBA title.

We were even blessed with the makings of De'Aaron Fox v. Lonzo Ball: Cali edition.

But, as we've come to know and expect from draft night, when there's winners there were also losers.

As expected, Markelle Fultz became the first overall selection in the draft, but with this Instagram blunder he did a bit of losing while doing a lot of winning. As for Boston Celtics general manager Danny Ainge, when he watched the Minnesota Timberwolves lowball the Chicago Bulls into a lopsided deal for Jimmy Butler he quickly turned into some type of asset-hoarding, gun-shy loser.

Based on the numbers, here are the teams that won and lost the most on NBA Draft Night 2017.