Los Angeles Clippers Stat Monkey Brief: Clippers/Kings (12/1/12)

The stats say tonight should be an easier game for the Clippers, but we've seen this song and dance before recently...

Lob City Highlight of the Day

The classic give and go perfectly executed, really a joy to watch.

Quick Recap

The Clippers halted their four game skid with creaky win over the injury depleted Wolves. It was creaky for the following reasons: the Wolves grabbed 10 more offensive rebounds than the Clippers and out-rebounded the Clippers by 17 for the game. The Clippers chucked up 19 threes and only made four. And, the Clippers were down most of the game, including being down nine in the second quarter before an 11-0 run. Luckily for the Clippers, the Wolves couldn’t buy a shot all night and only shot 37.8% (6% below their season average) from the field including a measly 27.3% (9% below their season average) from three point range.

One positive thing about the game was seeing Mr. Big Shot back on the court just nine months after tearing his Achilles. While he should provide much needed experience to this young Clippers team it remains to be seen if he is still deserving of his nick name. His offensive efficiency peaked from 2003 to 2006 during which his average offensive efficiency was 126. However he has been on a downward decline ever since and his offensive efficiency was only 114 last year, his lowest since 2001 season.

Tonight’s Game

Tonight the Clippers take on another bottom of barrel team, the 4-11 Sacramento Kings. The Kings are abysmal on both ends of the floor, they rank 25th in defensive efficiency and 21st in offensive efficiency. They have the second worst average efficiency ranking, only Cleveland is worse. At least Cleveland has an excuse of God hating them and their savior leaving them, what can Sacramento say? Tonight should be an easy win for the Clippers, but that could have been said about their last four games and we all know how those have been turning out. If I had to bet right now on the Clippers putting together a complete quality game or The Fast 6 winning any Oscars… thinking…I am putting a $100 on The Rock for best supporting actor.


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