Seahawks' Russell Wilson "wants to explore trade options"

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson "wants to explore trade options this offseason," Ian Rapoport reports, but has not officially requested a trade.

What It Means:

Wilson made some rumblings last offseason about potentially requesting a trade as well, so it would appear the star quarterback at least has interest in a change of location. The Seahawks' organization appears to be at a decision point after missing the playoffs for just the second time in nearly ten years, and a big shakeup could be on the way this offseason.

Wilson's season was briefly derailed by a nasty finger injury (and perhaps by returning too soon from that injury), but the veteran quarterback still posted a solid 2021 season, with 25 touchdowns to 6 interceptions while averaging 7.4 yards per attempt and absorbing sacks on 7.6% of his dropbacks (his lowest mark in four years). It's unclear what the future holds for Wilson or the Seahawks, but it's certain that teams will be interested in what Wilson has to offer if he does become available via a trade.