Fantasy Baseball: 5 Low-Cost Starters Who Are Innings-Pitched Assets in Rotisserie Formats

These five hurlers probably won't get people excited on draft day, but their projected innings-pitched volume could make them assets in rotisserie formats.

The rotisserie format is a game of accumulation, one that rewards not only production but volume and stability.

We already discussed how these traits often go undervalued in the offensive pool, with high-volume plate-appearance assets on the hitting side often getting passed over for players with splashier upsides but much less certain paths to consistent production.

Let's turn our attention to the pitching side, where there are many unglamorous but reasonably-priced starters who the numberFire yearly fantasy projections tab as major innings-pitched contributors. These five starters won't cost much on draft day, yet they should prove to be strong rotation stabilizers in roto formats.