Fantasy Baseball: 6 Elite-Skills Relievers to Add for the Stretch Run in Rotisserie Leagues

They might not be in line for saves, but these top-tier bullpen arms should contribute quality innings and sneaky counting stats for rotisserie owners looking to make a title push.

On the surface, middle relievers seem about as viable in standard fantasy leagues as backup catchers. These relievers don't throw often enough to move the statistical needle, and, perhaps most damning, they do not collect precious saves.

But the tyranny of saves speculation might steer us astray of some of the most skillful arms in the majors. This is particularly the case for rotisserie owners in the stretch run of the fantasy season. After all, the number of viable waiver-wire starters is thinning out, starts limits are beginning to loom, and the number of useful innings remaining on your team's ledger is shrinking by the day.

From a strategy standpoint, rotisserie owners might benefit from filling the gaps in their starting rosters with elite-skilled relievers. Sure, an inning here and there might not seem like much on a day-to-day basis, but taking a "set it and forget it" approach with these top-tier relief arms could help you amass a baseline of quality innings, to say nothing of the strikeouts and vulture wins chipped in for good measure.

To top it all off, these six arms are all there for the taking in the majority of ESPN leagues, and you won't likely need to exhaust your limited Free Agent Auction Budget (FAAB) to acquire them.