Fantasy Baseball: 5 Pitchers to Stream in Week 9

Rising Mariners lefty Marco Gonzales draws a soft two-start assignment against the Rangers and Rays. Which other promising arms are there for the taking on your waiver wire in Week 9?

We are roughly one third of the way through the baseball season, and now is the time that fantasy standings start to calcify. As the hot starts have settled down and early slumpers have warmed up, you're getting a sense of where you stand in your league and what your team really looks like.

But of course, what your team truly is is not bound by the players you own: the waiver wire is there as an extension of your roster. Whatever you feel the limits and shortcomings of your pitching staff may be at the one-third pole of the season, there's work to be done to augment your fate. So whether you're jockeying for position in a title race or clawing your way out of the basement, these five widely available arms are out there for the taking on your waiver wire--they are, for all intents and purposes, part of your team.