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Daily Fantasy Baseball: Which Pitching Stats Have the Highest Correlation to Fantasy Points?

Certain pitching metrics better predict fantasy scoring than others. Which should we be focusing on most for daily fantasy baseball?

Pitching metrics are a buffet. Every which way you look, there are options. You've got the sizzling xFIP to your right, while the voluptuous SIERA stares you down to the left. It's hard to choose which one is most alluring.

Except for the plate of wins, which sits cold and abandoned in the far corner. Feel free to avoid that.

With all of these delectable options, it's not hard to get a bit lost. We know which stats are important when quantifying a pitcher's abilities, but which are the most important when it comes to fantasy?

Unfortunately, we don't have tools to tell you to stay away from the macaroni that's been reheated each of the past three days. We do, however, have things that can tell us which stats are most important for daily fantasy baseball.

Today, we're going to do exactly that. Using FanDuel's scoring rules, we'll test various metrics to see which have the strongest ties to fantasy scoring. Where should we be focusing our efforts to predict the fantasy output of pitchers? Let's take a look.

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