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Daily Fantasy Baseball: An Introduction to Using Split Stats

Split stats give us critical context in daily fantasy baseball. Here's a look at how you can utilize some of the game's most important splits.

I was a bit of a television degenerate when I was a kid, but not many shows came close to my obsession with the animated Batman series.

When they changed the time the show aired in the mornings, I realized I would no longer be able to be watch it before I headed to pre-school. I bawled my eyes out, so my mom actually let me drop out of pre-school so that I could keep my critical schedule in tact. You the dopest, Mom.

Far and away my favorite villain from the show was " Two-Face," Harvey Dent. One half of him seemed totally normal and agreeable, while the other half was an oxygen-deprived, white-haired ghoul who kind of made you want to vomit all over.

He is the perfect representation of split stats in daily fantasy baseball.

There are plenty of baseball players who can spank a baseball around the yard when they're facing right-handed pitching. When they face a lefty, though, the brown stuff hits the fan real fast. It's the same guy, but the two sides of him can present wildly different stories.

You'd love to have Harvey Dent on your DFS rosters. You definitely don't want Two-Face.

If the concept of split stats is new to you, let's break down a few different hitting splits that will play a key role in your DFS decision-making. We'll go deeper in depth on each later on, but this can serve as a little primer as you get your feet wet.

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