The 13 Best Values in Fantasy Football Drafts

Which players should you be targeting most in your upcoming fantasy football drafts?

I can't be alone when I say this: When I was younger, I would buy Madden not to play the game but to simulate the game.

I was all about that franchise mode life. I'd either manage an already-existing team or do a fantasy-style draft, and act as the general manager as I watched scores flicker on my screen through a simulation.

And each year, I'd have my dudes. I'd have guys who I'd focus on and develop within the game. If I wanted to make Charlie Batch a Super Bowl champion starting quarterback, I'd do what I could to make Charlie Batch a Super Bowl champion starting quarterback. Because Charlie Batch was my dude.

Just like in Madden, I've got my dudes each year in fantasy football, too. I've got the players that I target in almost every draft because they appear valuable based on the way the public is viewing them.

Who are they? Take your cursor and click on the next slide to find out.