Plugging the Gaps: IDP Waiver Wire for Week 1

Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Connor Barwin will spin offensive linemen like a carousel in Week 1.

I’ve never understood why people like going to the State Fair, or large music festivals, or carnivals. If the Renaissance Faire didn’t have armored dudes on horses knocking each other over with sticks, I’d ignore that, too.

Yet, people are drawn to the tradition of a fair, the pomp and circumstance of being trapped in giant, sweaty crowds while you purchase over-priced, over-fried anything-on-a-stick.

It’s sheer madness and completely superficial.

I like to immerse in an experience and learn about it. I want to be in an exciting place, sure, but also to challenge my mind to learn and think there. That’s why I play in the individual defensive player (IDP) format in every league I’m in these days. People may see their standard, 10-team, non-PPR leagues as some sort of holdover of tradition, but there’s no thrill -- for me -- in those formats.

If you’re new to IDP, check out the primers I wrote on how to set up (and understand) your IDP league, how defensive schemes influence IDP, and some efficient IDP sleepers from 2015. Once you do that, strap yourselves in: the 2016 season will be a wild one! Especially with the stacked defensive class that the 2016 NFL Draft brought us, playing in an IDP league will be even more thrilling this year than a boardwalk tilt-o-whirl.

Which IDP should we look to as waiver wire targets for Week 1?