FanDuel Salary Changes: Week 5

Jordan Howard saw the biggest salary bump in Week 5. Which other salaries have changed, and should you roster those players?

One of the least discussed strategies in daily fantasy sports is rostering players whose salaries have changed significantly since the previous week. While a large majority of the focus for DFS players is on projecting player performance, we can gain an advantage by thinking about salary change as an important piece of the puzzle.

Despite the perception that comes with a drop in salary, these players actually perform well beyond their expectations. Over the past four seasons, any player whose salary has dropped $500 or more on FanDuel from the previous week is 37 percent more likely to reach tournament value (three times the player's salary in fantasy points).

Not only do they perform better, but they're also historically more likely to be lower owned. What more could you want?

Very few players saw steep salary decreases this week, as Latavius Murray and Mohamed Sanu were the only two players whose salary dropped $500 or more. So this week’s edition will focus on the five players with the biggest salary bumps in Week 5.