5 Daily Fantasy Football Matchups to Exploit in Week 15

Wanna get weird? Play some daily fantasy football in Week 15.

Things align perfectly this week for every single roster construction question you have. David Johnson and Le'Veon Bell are getting other-worldly opportunities, and both have decent matchups this week against the New Orleans Saints and Cincinnati Bengals, respectively.

Then there's Lesean McCoy, he of the ever-brimming Gucciness. He's facing the Cleveland Browns, who are simply bleeding production through every pore to opposing offenses. If you're not going with a combo of Bell and Johnson, McCoy's likely in your lineup.

And let us not forget the value that Kenneth Farrow could provide if Melvin Gordon were to sit due to injury. Farrow's just $6,000 on FanDuel, and his matchup at home against the Oakland Raiders is oh-so-sweet.

These four guys are going to swim in ownership in Week 15, and in your cash games, they're all tremendous options. But we're not about that chalk-swallowing life in tournaments, and we finna make things a little saucy.

We can spot other great matchups on the board for this week using numberFire's Net Expected Points (NEP). This is the metric we use to track the efficiency of both teams and players with the team totals being weighted based on strength of opponent.

Here's how NEP works. Prior to each play, there is an expected number of points that the offense will score on its current drive. A three-yard completion on 3rd and 2 will pick up a first down, increasing those expected points and giving the team positive NEP. That same three-yard completion on 3rd and 4, though, likely results in a punt, and NEP helps quantify the difference between those two results.

Let's use NEP to spot some potential mismatches in Week 15 so we know where we can turn if we want to pivot off the popular plays.