The 10 Most Impactful Plays of Super Bowl LI

The Patriots pulled off an improbable comeback in winning Super Bowl LI, sending win probability meters off the charts. Which plays had the biggest impact on the final outcome, both for New England and the Atlanta Falcons?

Whew. So. That happened.

In the fourth quarter of Super Bowl LI, the Atlanta Falcons had a 98.66% chance of being world champions, according to numberFire Live. They were just a few plays away from icing their first title.

Then Tom Brady did his thang, leading the New England Patriots to a 34-28 overtime victory on a two-yard bullrush by James White. It went from being over to being the very reason we obsess over a single game for 365 days each year.

In order to dig their way out of such a hole, the Patriots needed a boatload of big plays that swung the win probability pendulum all the way back in their favor. With the help of numberFire Live, let's go back through the 10 most impactful plays of the game that had the biggest effect on the final outcome.