10 Fantasy Football Bust Candidates in 2017

These 10 big-name players may not be terrible in 2017, but they probably won't live up to their draft-day cost.

Once hype trains start rolling in fantasy football, they don't often stop.

Sometimes the buzz starts the season prior, when a guy posts a strong stat line and a repeat performance is in the minds of fantasy owners. Sometimes it's offseason news about a bigger role or a thinned down roster that does the trick.

Sometimes it's a Twitter video where a guy runs through a pylon or two really quickly.

Whatever it is, there are always players whose expectations -- from the collective fantasy community -- simply get too optimistic and their average draft positions (ADP) skyrocket.

These players don't always live up to the hype. Sometimes we call those players "busts."

Of course, the "bust" tag doesn't mean they're unusable in fantasy football or that they're going to be genuinely terrible all season. It really just means that they don't pay off their ADP by a decent amount. So don't yell at me when some of these guys taken in the first two or three rounds are still viable options. Just know that their paths to fantasy success suggest they should be cheaper in drafts than they are.

Know that these 10 guys look like obvious candidates to fall well shy of their draft-day cost in 2017.