Plugging the Gaps: IDP Waiver Wire for Week 7

Linebacker Uani' Unga might be a new face in the NFL, but he plays like a golden oldie.

While watching the Thursday Night Football broadcasts, I've noticed that the music producer plays songs leading into the commercial breaks that have some sort of reference to the action that just occurred in the game. For instance, this week when the Seattle Seahawks scored a touchdown on Marshawn Lynch’s one-yard plunge, the music was Pearl Jam’s “Alive”. When I heard that little clip, I realized I hadn’t listened to my Pearl Jam or Nirvana albums in so long, and I used to be such an avid supporter of grunge and punk music.

I decided then and there to turn off the sound to the broadcast and have Eddie Vedder serenade me instead of Phil Simms.

There are moments like that, that start to occur in the middle of a fantasy football season. You realize you forgot all about a league you’re passionate about, and placed no waiver claims while your whole team is on bye. You might have just forgotten to look at matchups for a week and got blown out. Heck, maybe you made a careless drop because you didn’t check player news.

This column is both for you folks who are ridiculously passionate about your Individual Defensive Player (IDP) fantasy football and never miss a beat, but for those of you who may have tucked away your B.J. Raji jerseys in the closet (or flannel button-downs) and forgotten about them for a while. While you put “Nevermind” back on your iPods, I’ll peel apart the best waiver wire options for you this week and onward.

Which IDP players owned in less than 15% of ESPN leagues will give you an even flow in Week 7?