Super Bowl Odds for Each Team Entering the Divisional Round

After a strong wild card round performance, what are the odds that the Packers win the Super Bowl?

With all of the favorites advancing in last week's wild card round, the NFL playoff landscape hasn't changed all that drastically. The Patriots are still big favorites, and our numbers still favor the Falcons -- albeit by just a hair -- out of the NFC.

For complete Super Bowl odds, take a look below. Keep in mind that our nERD metric represents the number of points we'd expect a team to win by against an average opponent on a neutral field. So, yes, the Texans, per our algorithm, are a below-average NFL team. You can thank the AFC South for that, Houston fans.

TeamnERDSuper Bowl Odds
1 New England Patriots9.2633.70%
2 Atlanta Falcons7.6617.00%
3 Dallas Cowboys6.1116.60%
4 Seattle Seahawks4.658.20%
5 Pittsburgh Steelers2.777.90%
6 Green Bay Packers4.637.40%
7 Kansas City Chiefs2.247.20%
8 Houston Texans-0.981.90%