3 Fantasy Football Defensive Streaming Options for Week 6

Which defenses should you look to pick up and stream for Week 6 of the NFL season?

Hey, it's your friendly neighborhood D/ST streaming specialist, here again, giving you weekly streaming recommendations. A reminder that lines are courtesy of the FanDuel Sportsbook, and roster percentages and scores are according to ESPN's fantasy platform. Assume that the listed order is the preferred order.

The Kansas City Chiefs performed miserably last week, though the other two plays performed at expectations if neither were spectacular. All in all, the hit rate is still relatively strong on the season as a whole. Complete misses like the Chiefs can and will happen, it's the nature of the position.

Miami Dolphins

vs New York Jets
Spread: Dolphins -8
Implied Points Allowed: 19.75
Roster Percentage: 2%

With only one enticing streaming option available, it's lucky the Miami Dolphins are almost universally available.

Last week also saw the Dolphin debut of Byron Jones. Cornerback is the most underrated position in football, and Jones certainly seemed to fundamentally transform the defense as the 'Fins were in shockingly good form against the San Francisco 49ers.

Not to mention, the Dolphins are actually 8.0-point favorites for once. I's the New York Jets, what else did you expect.

Tennessee Titans

vs Houston Texans
Spread Unlisted
Roster Percentage: 10%

Really, this column begins and ends at "get the Dolphins." They're likely available, and they're the only exciting play. After that, you're firmly in galaxy brain territory. Playing a D/ST against Deshaun Watson is a little bit of a galaxy brain play, but Watson hasn't played particularly well this year. He's been prone to both sacks and interceptions, and he checks in at a meh 0.15 Passing Net Expected Points (NEP) per drop back.

FanDuel hasn't yet listed their line for this game, but the Tennessee Titans are likely to be favored in a home game against a 1-4 team. Maybe the Titans are due karmic justice, but what else is there this week.

New York Giants

vs Washington Football Team
Spread: Giants -3
Implied Points Allowed: 20.25
Roster Percentage: 1%

This week's official galaxy brain play is the New York Giants. There are an abundance of bad teams in the league, but they keep A) playing teams already on most rosters or B) playing other bad teams. The latter is the case this week so we're just gonna have to guess on one of these games at some point. The Giants are the home team so let's start there.

Also, while Alex Smith's return is a heartwarming story of human perseverance that I'm not eager to take away from, his on-field performance was bad, incredibly so. Despite being in full "Captain Checkdown" mode Smith took 6 sacks and was barely over 50% completion percentage.

It may also be Kyle Allen again, which is also fine.