3 Fantasy Football Defensive Streaming Options for Week 14

Hey, it's your friendly neighborhood defense streaming specialist -- here again, giving you weekly streaming recommendations. A reminder: lines are courtesy of FanDuel Sportsbook, and roster percentages and scores are according to ESPN's fantasy platform. Assume that the listed order is the preferred order. I'll try for defenses on 40% or fewer of ESPN rosters.

Arizona Cardinals

at New York Giants
Spread: Cardinals -3.0
Roster Percentage: 21%

It was fun watching the New York Giants upset the Seattle Seahawks last week, but let's keep things in perspective. This is still a team lead by Colt McCoy, a quarterback who historically takes plenty of sacks and has only narrowly thrown more touchdowns than interceptions. (As of Tuesday morning, Daniel Jones looks like a long shot for Week 14.)

The quasi-elite Arizona Cardinals that took the field at the beginning of the season seem to have been a mirage, but they're still probably better than the Giants, as evidenced by FanDuel Sportsbook listing the Cards as field goal favorites. If Arizona can force the Giants to have to air it out, the Cards' D/ST could feast.

Tennessee Titans

at Jacksonville Jaguars
Spread: Titans -7.5
Roster Percentage: 16%

Yes, Mike Glennon has resoundingly exceeded expectations. Yes, the Tennessee Titans just made the Cleveland Browns look like the 2013 Denver Broncos. Yes, Glennon is taking hardly any sacks.

All of these are true, and yet the Titans are touchdown-plus favorites and are on only 16% of ESPN rosters. In a week where streaming options are thin, the Titans are worth a look.

Dallas Cowboys

at Cincinnati Bengals
Spread: Cowboys -3.5
Roster Percentage: 10%

This week's galaxy brain play. Look, these are never meant to be high-percentage locks. Instead take them as something that could potentially go really well if everything breaks right. Any time you get a quarterback with a double-digit career sack percentage like Brandon Allen, it's worth looking into for defensive streaming. The Dallas Cowboys should be further helped by Allen's general inefficiency and the fact that they're 3.5-point favorites.

I'm not here to say Dallas has a good defense, They don't. Even when Dak Prescott was putting up numbers, Dallas found ways to lose games. What I am saying is that they're facing a quarterback who shouldn't really be starting NFL games and said quarterback may have to pass a lot if the Cowboys build a lead.

Also, while it doesn't actually mean anything (and I really should underscore that point), it'll be fun to be invested in the Andy Dalton revenge game if nothing else.