Will Kellen Mond Be the Quarterback of the Future for the Vikings?

Despite having a ton of experience at a young age, Mond is lacking in other areas as a prospect. What will he bring to Minnesota?

Kellen Mond is young, and he has a lot of experience. That combination can lead to success, and that's what the Minnesota Vikings are hoping for as they traded up to select Mond 66th overall.

A four-year starter at Texas A&M, Mond has a total of 46 games on his resume despite being just 21 years old. He finished 2020 with 19 touchdowns to just three picks and has consistently produced as a runner, which is extremely noteworthy for fantasy football. On the negative, Mond never recorded a single-season mark better than 8.5 adjusted yards per attempt with the Aggies, achieving that 8.5 clip in 2020.

Can Mond be the signal caller of the future for the Vikings?

Player Comparisons

Brandon Gdula's draft database has found these 10 prior prospects to have the most similar statistical profiles to Mond. Keep in mind that these are based not on play style or traits but age, athleticism, draft equity, experience, efficiency, and production.

Kellen Mond Profile ComparisonsSimilarity
Isaiah Stanback86.0%
Stephen McGee85.8%
Colt McCoy85.8%
Brett Hundley85.2%
Logan Thomas84.6%
Andy Dalton84.2%
Reggie McNeal83.8%
Joshua Dobbs83.6%
Tyrod Taylor83.5%
Dak Prescott83.3%

Gdula's Take: Despite Mond's great age-adjusted experience and a lot of rushing ability, he has just a 31st-percentile adjusted yards per attempt score and never really seemed to progress despite the bevy of games played.

Betting on the Vikings

On FanDuel Sportsbook, the Vikings are listed at +4000 to win the Super Bowl and +260 to take the NFC North.