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An Introduction to Using Vegas Lines in Daily Fantasy Football

Vegas's lines can give us insight into how games may play out. This article runs through what we can glean from the information they produce.

Having grown up in rural Minnesota, there are a lot of basic things that I'm simply not used to. On Friday nights, we'd go outside and sit around a camp fire because a) it was generally cold from October to April, and b) what else are we going to do? Take selfies with the one stoplight in town?

Because of this, it should come as no shock that I had relatively little knowledge of what Vegas lines were when I first started playing daily fantasy football. The bright lights of Vegas are just a teensy bit different from the bright, starry skies of Minnesota.

Over time, though, I have come to realize how valuable the information they publish is in making smart decisions. Now, Vegas's information is one of the most important aspects of my research.

Let's go through ways you can integrate Vegas into your research in order to simplify things as you're formulating your attack plan heading into each week.

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