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Daily Fantasy Football: Defense and Special Teams Selection

In daily fantasy football, selecting a quality defense and special teams seems like a daunting task. It doesn't have to be.

As a person who streams defenses in my season-long leagues, I've never had an overly pleasurable relationship with them. In fact, they kind of make me a little squeamish.

In one of these leagues, there was a guy who drafted three defenses. A bunch of the others had multiple on their roster. When you're in a 12-team league, that can make things just a wee bit gross. I at one point had to stream one of the worst defenses in the league because there were scarce other options.

They promptly went out and surrendered 49 points at home. Dope.

Thankfully, we don't face these same restrictions when it comes to daily fantasy. You can choose from any defense your heart desires each and every week. You can still choose that abominable defense if you so desire. Do you, homie.

The one downside of this is that the selection process can be a bit overwhelming. All of these options can make picking a defense in which you have confidence difficult. This makes a process for your selection even more important.

As always, this is simply the process that I use for selecting my defenses. There are a bunch of different methods for doing so, but this is how I try to operate.

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