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Daily Fantasy Football: How Should You Hedge?

When filling out multiple daily fantasy football lineups, it's important to hedge to limit risk. How much should you do so?

I tend to joke a lot about the influence of rappers on my decisions in daily fantasy football. But some of y'all done went too far.

While discussing my strategies for hedging once, someone said to me, "Scared money don't make no money." This is a line from a Young Jeezy song. It's also a frightening way to think about exposure in DFS.

This could just be my general risk-averse nature coming out in full force, but you will not find me going "all-in" on any particular player, no matter how safe they seem. Stuff happens in football, and I want to make sure this "stuff" happening to just one player doesn't sink all of my rosters.

Let's go through some basic strategies when it comes to exposure to players to keep in mind as you fill out your lineups if you're doing multi-entry. It may make your money appear a bit more scared, but it's also going to make things safer in the long run.

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