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Daily Fantasy Football: How Does Cold Weather Affect Production?

As the temperature drops, the perception is that a dip in production will follow in daily fantasy football. Is this backed up by evidence?

If you walk outside in Minnesota on a January night, you're destined to feel a few things. First, the cold will get up under your clothes, no matter how many layers you're wearing. Second, the gunk inside your nostrils is going to freeze. If these things don't happen, it's not a true day in my motherland.

Most people would classify these feelings as a negative. Personally, I love the cold. I don't have to worry about the ills of the heat, and I can distract myself by staring at snow during the day. There really aren't too many downsides.

I may be one of the biggest fans of the cold that you have ever (kind of?) met. But not even I wanted to play football after it got below a certain point.

The ground starts to get hard. You quickly lose feeling in your fingers. Every hit hurts even more than it would at a regular temperature. No matter how tolerant you are of cold weather, it's hard to see why playing football in it would be a pleasurable experience.

If I -- a hardened Minnesotan with an affinity for the cold -- don't want to prance around when the wind chill hits, I can't imagine most NFL players want to, either. I mean, James Jones wears a freaking hoodie when the temperature gets too low. Can all of this be good for fantasy production?

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