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Daily Fantasy Football: Using Vegas Lines to Predict Kicker Scoring

Kicker scoring in daily fantasy football isn't easy to predict, but using Vegas' lines can make things a bit easier.

Not everything is as we perceive it to be. Minnesota isn't one giant tundra of nothingness. Odell Beckham's hair isn't actually a bloomin' onion. Not all Nebraskans are stupidly nice.

Okay, the Nebraska part was a lie. They are all legitimately the nicest people in the world, and I will not hear any notion to the contrary. The rest was true, though.

A popular perception of kicker production in fantasy football is that it's random. No matter what you do, you will never be able to consistently select kickers who are expected to produce on a weekly basis. This could not be more false.

I've always been an advocate of using Vegas' lines in order to select my kickers as they can give us insight into both point totals and potential game flow, factors that are more predictive of a kicker's involvement in the scoring.

At the same time, I never fully knew which piece of Vegas' information would be most valuable. I had my anecdotal thoughts, but, again, following popular narrative can be a dangerous street.

Because of this, I wanted to look back to see if we could glean any information from history. There's nothing more thrilling than kicker research, so I decided to dig in. Is there a particular piece of information we can look to in order to make kicker production less random? Let's check it out.

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