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Daily Fantasy Football: How Usable Are Rookie Quarterbacks?

Rookie quarterbacks tend to face a stiff learning curve in the NFL, but does that exclude them from consideration in daily fantasy football?

Think back to your first time driving a car on the highway. This was longer ago than I'd care to ponder, but it's likely a moment you can remember vividly.

For me, this involved driving 50 in a 65 mile-per-hour zone, praying that the large, metal objects flying past me wouldn't knock the car sideways. The person who graded my driving exam said that I, "drove like a grandma." That was inaccurate, but only because my grandmother got a ticket when she was in her 80's; she'd beat me in a drag race any day.

Now, for me, driving on the highway for the first time was frightening enough as it was. I can't imagine what it would have been like if the other cars were trying to hit me.

That's basically what rookie quarterbacks experience their first season in the NFL.

Sure, these guys have dealt with similar conditions in their high school and college days, but that can't compare to the speed of the NFL. When you add in genius defensive minds concocting ways to stop them, it's easy to see why rookies might struggle when they first get their feet wet in the league.

With all of this going on around them, it'd be hard to see a situation in which rookie quarterbacks would be quality values in daily fantasy football. As lovers of efficiency in quarterbacks, should we really be investing in these guys who would seemingly have difficulty posting good numbers?

The assumption here would that we should look elsewhere. However, assumptions suck. Instead, let's look through the data and see whether or not rookie quarterbacks are usable in DFS.

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