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Daily Fantasy Baseball: Using Pitching Split Stats

Some pitchers will perform wildly different in certain conditions than they will in others. Using split stats can help us leverage that into daily fantasy baseball success.

CC Sabathia wasn't himself in 2015, but that dude could still mow down left-handed batters with the best of them.

On the year, Sabathia carried a 29.2 percent strikeout rate and a 3.7 percent walk rate against lefties. Those numbers pulled a complete 180 against righties, shifting to 16.5 percent and 7.6 percent respectively. Dependent on the batter at the dish, Sabathia was a completely different pitcher.

You don't want the Sabathia against righties on your daily fantasy baseball squad. That other guy, though? He could stay. This is what makes investigating pitching splits so important.

Let's break down which splits matter most for pitchers, what precautions we need to take, and how we can leverage them into MLB DFS success.

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