The 10 Most Impactful Plays of Week 14

Defense ruled the roost in Week 14, thanks to the Eagles' Leodis McKelvin.

There’s a reason why -- no matter how terrible they are -- sequels always do well at the box office: people like comfort and familiarity in their lives, and prize it above very many things.

Change is scary and off-putting; there have been many studies done that the same pieces of art, kinds of chocolate, or the effects of acupuncture are more preferable when people believe they are old -- “timeless” -- instead of new and modern.

Many of us even feel this way when it comes to our sports: it’s easy to accept the best teams winning continually and rolling into the playoffs in dominant showings, but hard to imagine the chance moments that swing underdogs into the limelight. Some of those impactful plays are captured here, in this column, where we look at the most critical moments of every week in the NFL.

Don’t fear change: this stuff is exciting!

Which plays from Week 14 will knock us head-over-heels by numberFire’s Net Expected Points (NEP) analytic?