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Daily Fantasy Football: Why Targeting High Over/Unders Is Important

Success in daily fantasy football is dependent on your players finding the end zone. Targeting games with high over/unders can help you do that with more regularity.

Everybody has that friend who thinks he or she is better than the rest of the group. They speak in a condescending fashion, diss on your fly new Wayne Chrebet t-shirt, and look down on your for still watching Sister, Sister at the age of 15. Anything you think makes you hip or you need in order to be happy, they're going to be against it.

For me, this was Shane, whose name has been changed to protect the deranged. Those examples above? Homie did all of them, even though Sister, Sister is still the truth. It's not right.

Shane took this superiority to an extreme, carrying it even into the realm of education. We had a teacher give us the questions and answers to a test. All you had to do was study this set list of questions, and you'd get every question right. It was blissful.

Shane was too good for that.

Shane refused to use the answers to the test because he thought he was smarter than that. Taking help from a teacher was beneath him, and if we took this avenue to study, we were pathetic.

As a human, Shane sucks. I take consolation in knowing he probably also sucks at daily fantasy sports.

In looking at Vegas's over/unders, we are essentially getting the answers to the test. You want to invest in games where touchdowns are abundant, and -- more often than not -- Vegas is correctly able to pinpoint these games. Why would you not want to exploit their knowledge?

It's possible that you can always do this without the assistance of Vegas. Good for you. I can't, so I'm going to lean on them whenever I possibly can, and the over/unders are a big part of that.

Let's go through how over/unders can help you in your quest for daily fantasy goodness so you can embrace simplicity and avoid being dumb like Shane. Suck it, Shane.

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