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Daily Fantasy Football: Tracking Opportunities for Wide Receivers

Your wide receivers won't do much in daily fantasy football without opportunity. Analyzing targets, market shares, and red zone targets can help you find players getting those chances.

Allow me to tell you the story of little Steve Smith.

When Little Stevie was growing up, he'd hit up the flag football field all of the time after school. He wanted to play with the big kids and show off his skills.

The problem was that none of the older kids knew how good Little Stevie was. They just saw how short he was, causing them to just assume he couldn't ball. He could have had all of the talent in the world, and they never would have known.

One day, though, Suzie was playing quarterback. Suzie had the biggest arm in the neighborhood, and she wasn't afraid to slang that thang down the field. She dropped back to pass, saw Little Stevie juke Billy out of his shorts, and hit him on the post. Little Stevie made a man miss and was able to moon walk into the end zone. You probably know how things went for Little Stevie from then on out.

If Suzie hadn't given Little Stevie that chance, he never would have had an opportunity to flash his talent. All of the peeps who were using Little Stevie on their fantasy flag football rosters would have seen their juice boxes go down the tubes.

This is an aspect of daily fantasy football that goes overlooked. People enter contests with the, "It only takes one!" mentality, causing them to disregard critical information and lower the floor of their team. Yeah, it only does take one target to rack up points, but I'd happily take 10, instead.

The wide receivers you roster in daily fantasy football need opportunity to be relevant. Let's look at ways you can spot these opportunities in order to make better decisions when filling out your rosters.

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