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Daily Fantasy Football: Strategies for Attacking Short Slates

Few things are more frustrating than a short slate in daily fantasy football. These are a few strategies you can employ if you want to help ease the variance.

Terror. Madness. Confusion. Anger. Vomit. This is a short slate in daily fantasy football.

It's easy to find assets you like when you have 16 games from which to choose. Even on a bad week, you're destined to have at least a few quarterbacks facing bad secondaries or running backs who figure to see heavy volume. If not, you may simply have standards that are a bit too specific.

Once you wittle it down to five or fewer games, though, things get messy in a hurry.

Suddenly, you're forced to start that high-variance running back in a time share. That quarterback who threw five picks last week? He's the only one in a good matchup. And don't get me started on picking a defense and special teams, bruh.

It should be pretty obvious that we'll need to change up our strategy when playing these shorter slates, whether it be on Thanksgiving, during the playoffs, or whenever else they are available. Let's go through a few basic guidelines I have followed in the past that you may want to also consider when these situations arise.

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