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Daily Fantasy Football: How to Stack Without Restricting Upside

Stacking is good in daily fantasy football. Too much stacking, however, can unnecessarily restrict upside.

There was a reason I didn't last long as an economics major.

Whenever my professor started talking about diminishing marginal utility, my mind drifted to deep-dish pizza. I was near Chicago, so don't start a holy war over my preference in pizza type, a'ight?

Once my mind got there, I'd start to feel that drool in the corner of my mouth. I'd stare blankly at the wall, think about the delectableness of that thick layer of cheese beneath the sauce, and frantically text my roommate to see if we could order some. If I finished that process quickly enough, I might take some notes before the end of class, but that was unlikely.

Even in my cheese-induced state of emptiness, I was still able to pick up on some of the conversation about diminishing marginal utility. Basically, one slice of sausage deep dish with buttery crust was great. A second slice made me even happier as it got me to that post-pizza coma real quick. But a third slice? Nah, fam. That's where I draw the line.

At some point, we all reach a tipping point where more of a good thing stops being a positive. In fact, it's making things worse. This is the concept that diminishing marginal utility illustrates, and it is an important one to understand when it comes to stacking in daily fantasy football.

Let me go through this in terms that don't include the highfalutin words of a failed economics major. Stacking is great, but going overboard is going to cost you valuable upside.

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